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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne Oh, man. I am feeling really sad that this series is over and that this is the note it ended up going out on.

I liked Hunger Games a lot. Catching Fire was a good bridge book, and did a good job of closing some plot threads from the first and leading into the third. But Mockingjay just didn't seem like a fitting end to the series.

I guess it should have. I mean, stuff was resolved. Katniss ended up with her choice (although it wasn't really a choice, was it? She was stuck and so was Peeta and so they just ended up together? I admit, I was Team Gale all the way). The Games ended permanently (seriously hated Katniss for her choice to have one more Hunger Games for the kids of the Capitol. Like they had a choice in what their parents did any more than the kids of the districts had a choice in what their ancestors did). Presumably the world, or this particular country, is a better place (still waiting for an explanation of if there are other countries in this world; I presume they are, since this is North America essentially, but where are they?).

I don't know. In the end Katniss got to be a glorified mascot for the rebel army, which seemed just as corrupt as the Capitol, and she had her myriad mental breakdowns, and what did she end up with in the end? Two kids who don't have names (apparently) and a brainwashed mentally unstable husband to cavort with in the ruins of her former district, on top of the bodies of her friends and family. That's not cool. Yeah, the book didn't have to have a happy ending, but what I didn't like was how it was presented that this is a happy ending. Or a content one.

I also disliked how Katniss as a character degraded throughout the series. In Hunger Games, she was awesome. Self-sufficient with emotions, too, and some serious badass skills. By Catching Fire she was disintegrating, and by this book she seems like a clone of every other indecisive and weak female young adult character out there. She was used by everyone in the book and her response was to stop eating, mope around and only do something about her situation when a bow is physically put into her hand.

I dunno. I'm just disappointed.