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Something Missing - Matthew Dicks As I was reading this book, I kept thinking to myself: here is a book that is detailing everything this guy is doing, step by step, and his entire thought process throughout. It is a novel that takes a moment to explain exactly how supermarket loyalty cards work. How is this interesting? Why did I keep reading, and actually enjoy what I was reading?

I really did find it interesting. It was sort of like a much more detailed Dirty Jobs for me. By taking us through every step of the character's thought process, he became a much more sympathetic character. I actually really appreciated all of the little details.

There were a few strange moments in the book, bits and pieces I thought would be important again but never came up, but perhaps they just seemed more important because of the way the protagonist considers every possible action carefully before continuing. He pushes everything way up to highest importance, even the way he greets his waitress at the diner he goes to for breakfast, so everything seems more important than it is.

Now, where's Mike Rowe when you need him?