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The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible - A.J. Jacobs This book follows the author, A.J. Jacobs, on a year-long quest to follow every single rule in the Bible, from the Ten Commandments to the New Testament.

I read this book in the large-print version from my library. It was a big hit with my friends, who saw it sitting on my dining room table and wanted to know everything about it. For some reason, the concept really seems to fascinate people (or maybe just the weird people I hang out with). Luckily, A.J. Jacobs gave me enough funny stories to entertain everyone who didn't want to read this book cover to cover.

The funny stories in this book include Jacobs attempting to stone people and discipline his son. There were just enough funny stories like this to make the slow parts (and there were, unfortunately, slow parts) easy to get through.

I haven't read Jacobs' previous book, about reading the encyclopedia cover-to-cover, but I may pick it up in awhile. I think that one may be more interesting - there are just so many ways to interpret the Bible that you end up with too much explanation and reasoning.

Anyways, I do recommend this book as a fun read, with some interesting spiritual dilemmas and humor thrown in as well.