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Time and Again
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This is How You Die: Stories of the Inscrutable, Infallible, Inescapable Machine of Death
Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, David Malki, Nathan Burgoine, Toby W. Rush, Rhiannon Kelly, Ryan Estrada, George Page III, Chandler Kaiden, Tom Francis, Grace Seybold, D.L.E. Roger, Daliso Chaponda, John Takis, Ada Hoffmann, Rebecca Black, Karen Stay Ahlstrom, Gord Sellar, M
City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare I enjoyed this book many times more than the first. It feels as though the author has finally came in to her own in regards to the characters and the storyline with this book, and now I’m looking forward to the next (City of Glass, due out March 24th). The same things I enjoyed from the first held over – the setting and most of the characters – but in this book, there was more action and certainly more skillful storytelling. Granted, it’s still derivative, a little predictable, and I already have a feeling I know how City of Glass will go, but there were plenty of interesting bits and minor twists to keep me interested.