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Time and Again
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This is How You Die: Stories of the Inscrutable, Infallible, Inescapable Machine of Death
Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, David Malki, Nathan Burgoine, Toby W. Rush, Rhiannon Kelly, Ryan Estrada, George Page III, Chandler Kaiden, Tom Francis, Grace Seybold, D.L.E. Roger, Daliso Chaponda, John Takis, Ada Hoffmann, Rebecca Black, Karen Stay Ahlstrom, Gord Sellar, M
Bleach:: 25 - Tite Kubo I'm not a big fan of Inverted Ichigo (hee) so watching these scenes in the anime, and reading them here, were a little boring for me. However, as the characters move closer to the winter battle, the manga seem like quicker reads. Soon enough the cool battles will start up again. :)

I don't understand why Soul Society believes anything that Aizen tells them, hints at, or leaves obvious clues to. Surely they haven't forgotten his zanpakutou's power. And his general sliminess.