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Assassination Vacation - Sarah Vowell We just got The Wordy Shipmates by this author recently… well, relatively recently, and though I was interested I was more intrigued by the premise behind Assassination Vacation. So I happy interlibrary loaned it and ignored the poor tiny pilgrims staring at me from the cover of …Shipmates whenever I passed by the new nonfiction display.

Well, this one just came in for me and I devoured it. Just plain devoured. On lunch breaks, on breaks, in the car, at home on the sofa. And the pilgrims are staring at me from my desk right now because I’m taking …Shipmates home with me, hopefully to devour just the same.

I will say I enjoyed the Lincoln coverage better than Garfield and McKinley. I was surprised by the “hidden” character, Lincoln’s son Robert, present or almost present at each assassination. Poor guy felt like a jinx. There’s a lot of cool trivia and side narratives presented in this book, so it definitely isn’t a dry depiction of the three assassinations.

Her political commentary seemed a little dated, but it was bound to, seeing as how we’re in a new administration now. None of it was very creative, either. I mean – I agree with her, or agreed with her, at the time, but it’s old stuff now. She comes off as just a little bit hysterical when she goes off on her anti-Bush/Republican stuff.

The author definitely made me want to go visit the same places she did. I might not ever get to but if I’m ever in New England and/or Washington, D.C., I’ll be at the places she mentioned.