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Creature of the Night - Kate Thompson This story of a troubled Irish family who move to the countryside so that the 14-year-old protagonist can get away from the life filled with robbery, drugs and drinking he knows in Dublin is, for the most part, engaging and not quite what I expected. I normally really dislike characters like Bobby, obnoxious teenagers who have zero consideration for other people and are only interested in themselves, but Bobby is written very well, and works as a sympathetic character. I really did want him to succeed, break away from the seductive underground he knows in Dublin, and make something of himself.

There's a little bit of a creepy ghost story in here, too, though it's not as prominent as the book jacket describes. I enjoyed the mystery of the house and the family secrets it held, as well as the shivery, creepy way the 'creature' was depicted. The Irish rural setting and dialect just added to the atmosphere of the book and it was put to best use during those supernatural bits.

The ending left me a little bit disappointed, as I wanted more than a hint of what happened to Bobby, his family and the history within the house, but all in all it was an enjoyable read.