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Rules - Cynthia Lord I thought this was a very realistic portrayal of a girl's life with a younger brother who has autism. Although it is a quick read (it's a juvenile book), it manages to pack a lot of depth and thoughtfulness into its pages. All of the characters face challenges here, and I found each of them realistically portrayed. It was obvious just from reading that the author has experience with autism as well as other disabilities. Although David, Catherine's autistic younger brother, isn't really the central focus of the story, he acts as a chaotic influence on Catherine's life, forcing her to constantly adjust her priorities and her plans. Other characters revolve around the periphery of her life: her somewhat clueless parents, a boy she's interested in, her best friend and a possible future friend. Though little is actually resolved at the end of the story, the book is a sort of slice of Catherine's life, leaving the reader with an optimistic view of how she will continue to grow.