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Fantastic Mr. Fox - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl I love Roald Dahl and tore through his books as a kid, but somehow I missed this one. I saw the previews for the movie, and was completely confused because I'd never heard of this book. As soon as I opened it up I recognized that familiar art style (Quentin Blake, you're the man), and the familiar sort of world that Dahl draws into his books.

This story is very simple. Three farmers have grown weary of the fox who preys upon their livelihoods, and decide to trap him in his burrow until he comes out and they can kill him and his family. The fox, being Fantastic, turns things around on the silly humans and even manages to help out his fellow animals in the process. The book actually gives the reader a lot to think about. Is Mr. Fox's justification of thievery really as solid as he thinks it is? Can chickens and turkeys speak in this world and don't you think they'd have something to say about being eaten, by both humans and foxes? Can man subside on cider alone? Why did the female animals in the story wimp out so early on?

All in all, a fun read and a great trip back to childhood.