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Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time - Michael Shermer, Stephen Jay Gould I loved this book when I was a kid. I'd go to the library and check out every book they had on UFOs, ghost sightings and unexplained phenomena, and then I would add every skeptical book I could find to the pile. They were always more difficult to hunt down, but I loved reading about a mystery and then finding the answers in another book. I remember reading this book on road trips - probably to California and back, giving my eleven-year-old self six hours to pore over stories of ghosts on the Queen Mary and the meaning our brains struggle to find in the world.

I don't know what happened to my old copy - I remember I did own my own copy of it. It's probably in a box in a storage shed, because I don't think this is one I would have willingly sold to Bookman's. But I recently saw it at Half-Price Books for something like $3 so I picked up a newer copy. This one was, as far as I can tell, revised about five years after the original publication, but I didn't really notice anything different. I enjoyed my reread for the same reasons I enjoyed it the first time I read it. Michael Shermer is very good at getting to the true reasons people want to believe strange things about our world. As a former believer himself, he can identify with people who still believe. He has a personal connection to nearly every belief he goes over in the book.

I do think it could use an update for the 21st century, a real update, or a sequel. There is a lot of quackery that has arisen in the decade and change since he wrote the book. I'd really like to see his thoughts on some of this crazy stuff.