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Horns - Joe Hill Holy cow, this is amazing.

I mean, seriously, I absolutely loved this book. Who would've thought an author could make a reader feel sympathy for a devil - root for a devil? I suppose when you have that devil borne of a solidly nice guy, evil that springs from the desire for revenge anyone would feel put into his situation, it's natural to want him to succeed. Joe Hill depicts a man sliding down the path to confront his very literal inner demon, and he does it with intense creepiness. It's absolutely realistic. It's shudder-inducing.

The book jumps around. Time and perspective are utilized to show events from the point of view of different people. In one case, a murder is shown from three different perspectives, each one piling on layers of knowledge, squick and grime. It never once got repetitive. The book just sucks you in. It makes you think: what would you do if people suddenly started telling you their worst desires and fantasies? What would you do if you could touch somebody and have immediate knowledge of all their sins? And what if that knowledge leads you down paths that would allow you to take advantage of your desire for revenge? Ig behaves no differently than most people, I think, would, put into that situation.

I really just loved this book. It's sweet (or bittersweet) when it needs to be, terrifying when it has to be. Absolutely a breathless read.