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The Love We Share Without Knowing - Christopher Barzak This book is filled with so many tiny little beautiful lines, hidden in sad paragraphs. It's hard not to feel depressed after reading this, even though there are bright spots of hope every once in awhile. Every story in this book is interconnected, in the same way a movie like Love, Actually has multiple characters threading in and out of each other's lives. I sometimes found it difficult to remember which character was which, never quite sure what the author was alluding to or what connections he was trying to make, but that kind of contributed to the overall story. Everyone ends up connected in various ways, even if they themselves never realize it, don't know how the person they brush by on the subway is connected to their own lives.

The only difficulty I had with the book besides mixing characters up was the dialogue. It was just hard to read. People don't speak in paragraphs, they don't spill out gobs of text without being interrupted, forced to pause for clarification. It felt jarring and unrealistic for me to have blocks of dialogue the same length as narrative.

Other than that, the book was a good read. It's really hard to describe the mood of the book, but I took away from it a little bit of hope amidst a lot of sadness.