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Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog: The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman - Lisa Scottoline This book was absolutely perfect for the situation I found myself in. Sitting in a hospital bed with an IV stuck in my wrist, with the TV at a terrible angle to be able to see anything, and an extra hour to kill before I had to go in for a procedure, I needed a book that was light, and kind of funny, and not requiring too much thinking. It's a collection of articles the author has written for The Philadelphia Enquirer, which focus on life issues, with a lot of humor. I think I am a bit too young to truly appreciate a lot of this book, but there was plenty of gentle humor to keep me reading. At times I wished the author had a bit more space to go more in-depth on some topics, but of course she was limited by her column's length. Her daughter has the same easy way of writing that she does, but her contributions seemed a little forced, and I wanted her to have more of her own voice.

I'd never read anything by Lisa Scottoline before this. For some reason, I thought she wrote chick-lit, but it looks like she's actually in mystery. I might check out one of her books, but reading them is absolutely not necessary to this book. Actually, a bit more on her writing process would have been really interesting.