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The Dead Zone - Stephen King Earlier this summer my father-in-law started randomly talking about this book. I don't know what started the conversation, but he talked a little bit about the setup and then he mentioned one plot point, which I'm not going to mention here, because it did two things: it made me have to read this book and it utterly spoiled the ending for me. Naturally, due to the nature of the plot point, and the way the book is written, I didn't realize HEY THE ENDING IS TOTES SPOILED until the very very end.

When I finished it, I was kind of upset that the ending had been spoiled and this bit of plot I had been anticipating had waited till the very end of the book to reveal itself, but I was glad for the ride. I really enjoy Stephen King's older stuff, like Carrie, the Night Shift collection, and Firestarter. I've tried to read his later books (Lisey's Story, From a Buick 8, Dreamcatcher) but the only one I've liked so far is Cell. I was happy to find another one of his I liked in this book. He does good creepy stuff here. None of it is outright horror, but he definitely succeeds in doing that really ucky kind of creepy where it's real life and real people doing stuff, not monsters.

Although some of the characters feel a bit flat - some of them so bland I was waiting for some kind of murderous twist or psychopathic tendencies to reveal themselves - King does a good job of letting the reader relate to Johnny's plight. Johnny remains a sympathetic character as the reader is taken through the trauma of his accident and his reactions to his ensuing psychic powers. It really makes you think how you might react when put in the same situation. The end of the book is gut-wrenching in its own way.

Now maybe I can give Under the Dome a try.