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Eternals - John Romita Jr., Neil Gaiman Chariots of the Gods is one of those types of books that I loved as a kid (crazy stuff like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, aliens, crop circles, ghosts, and everything else in 001) but that I avoid now. So reading Eternals - which is a remake of comic series inspired by Chariots - is kind of childlike fun. It's not childish, not written for kids, but the general themes, and the storytelling style, make it just that kind of story. An adventure.

Despite taking place in an established universe of superheroes, this isn't hard to follow at all. You don't even really need to know who Iron Man is. You can start out just like the Eternals do, without knowledge, and come along for the ride as they discover who they are. That was the best part of the story, for me - the Eternals going from normal civilians to discovery of their real past. I did feel as though the main conflict was a little weak. It was difficult to see the enemies as really any challenge. And the ending... ugh, the ending. I know there was supposed to be more to the story, later, but it standing alone like this is a bit depressing. I really would have liked to read more.