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The Girl Who Could Fly - Victoria Forester Aw man, I really wanted to like this.

The cover promised a cross between "Little House on the Prairie" and "X-Men," which sounded promising, but I should have paid attention to the fact that it was Stephenie Meyer who wrote that quote. Unfortunately, a lot like Twilight, this book takes something that could be really cool, and reduces it down to something that just seems lame. In Twilight the vampires were lame-ified; in this book it's superheroes.

It started off really nicely. I liked Piper right away, and enjoyed some of the wordplay of the author, and the setting. Unfortunately it sort of disintegrated from there. Piper is sent to a school for people with powers like hers, where she's got a wonderful room, interesting classes, and delicious food to eat. You can probably take it from there. After she goes to school, it's all cliche. The characters' personalities don't stay the same from page to page, the villain has very stock motivations, and Piper turns into Pollyanna.

Even the setting is confusing. Maybe the "Little House on the Prairie" mention threw me off, but I was thinking this book was set in the 19th century until Piper was sent to school, at which point it looks like it's actually modern day. I couldn't buy it.
Unfortunately this book could have been so much more.