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Married With Zombies - Jesse Petersen I feel like zombies just aren't scary anymore.

I mean, in every zombie book, they start off scary and everything is tense and people are dying and the phones are down and the news is freaking out and there is craziness, and it's awesome. But so far, in all the ones I have read, it just becomes normal after awhile. Within the span of 48 hours the protagonists become adept with their weaponry of choice and they can kill a zombie in the middle of their lunch break or without breaking their conversation. And at that point the books get really boring for me. Unless they focus on the good post-apocalyptic stuff I like, but they hardly ever do.

I mean, I don't want them to be really good at fighting the zombies, and I don't want the zombies to only be scary if they come in massive amounts or if they have special powers like Resident Evil. I don't want them to become silly, kind of cute bumbling dead people who are easy to kill. Unless it's a comedy.

So, since this is a romantic comedy, I can give it a pass on that whole rant up there. I really wish it was scarier, but that's not this book, that's a different book. This is a fun book. The characters are easy to like (but pretty flat), the narrative moves along at a fast pace and there is a nice humor about it.

The romance was kind of silly to me. They barely seemed like a couple on the verge of divorce before this happened. They are too nice to each other the whole time. They reconcile too quickly for me. There aren't even any good sex scenes.

Also, I disliked the way the "relationship advice" at the top of the chapters spoiled each and every chapter. Could've just read those and inferred the rest of the book.

Solidly three stars for me. I would definitely read the sequel, on an airplane or a car trip or something like that.