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I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore Huh. I completely forgot as I read this, until I came to Goodreads, that this is the whole James Frey Full Fathom Five idea factory book. I'd known about it and the concept left a bad taste in my mouth, but the storyline of this book sounded interesting enough and I had forgotten about the whole thing by the time the book came in for courier.

It started out promising enough, at least for me. I like urban survival stories, like Homecoming, the more detailed the better. So the concept of 4 and his guardian trying to survive and figure out the best ways to keep away from their enemies while still fitting in society were pretty interesting. Unfortunately, beyond that, the book really failed to hold my attention or fit together plausibly.

It's very formulaic, with characters lacking in personality or growth. Even the dog lacks much personality, which is sad because usually cute animals can save the day for me. Much of the premise is just silly and some of it sounds more like an 8-year-old's rambling, made-up story - the villains are cartoon villains with sharp teeth and trenchcoats! and the heroes can do cool stuff like shoot lasers and control the elements! Maybe it would be better as a morning cartoon than a book.