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World Made by Hand - James Howard Kunstler I am a total sucker for post-apocalyptic fiction. For me it started with Alas, Babylon, Pat Frank's 1950's look at how an ordinary man would survive essentially the end of the world, and learn to rebuild. That is my favorite type of post-apocalyptic fiction, if you are going to split the genre into further subgenres.

This book reminded me a lot of Alas, Babylon, just updated a bit. It is very detailed in the way the lives of the people have changed, right down to minutiae. In fact, at first I was a little worried, glancing from the small type to the length of the book - if the entire book was going to be filled with day to day little things, I was still going to love it, but it was going to take me forever to read.

Luckily, the story picks up steam. While still retaining the necessary slowed-down pace of life after cars and computers, it brings in menace, danger, and a lot of well-written awkwardness. I enjoyed the central conflict of the story and the way the characters were all involved in their own way - the personalities, too, worked well; how would people's personalities change after such an incredible life change?

I had to stay up late to finish the last couple of chapters. The slow building of menace in the book had me completely hooked. This is definitely a book you have to stick with, but I'm glad I did.