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My Most Excellent Year - Steve Kluger I absolutely loved this book.

It's not deep, you won't be crying your eyes out, but it's wonderful. It's funny and heartfelt and very sweet. At times, it definitely strays into the "unbelievable" side of things in terms of dialogue and the total lack of teenage drama, but I think that is part of what makes this book so enjoyable and unique. I can't think of another YA book I have read quite like this one, with these engaging characters and the flow of the novel.

A bit about my thoughts on the Deaf character follow in the spoiler.

I love Hucky! As a character and also because of the way he is written. He is a major, major contrast from the deaf child in Invincible Summer. He is allowed to be himself, and while he does help the main characters grow and mature, he doesn't become a major focus, and his deafness is not seen as a major hindrance. I adored the way the kids picked up Sign to speak to Hucky, the way he became a character in his own right, and how he was allowed to grow. There's little self-consciousness and awkwardness, and he's so genuine.

Definitely one of my favorite books ever.