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Hourglass - Myra McEntire I would have absolutely loved this book when I was 15 years old. It has time travel, superpowers, and a romance, and it's funny! Heck I really should love it now. And really wanted to, but as I was reading it I just couldn't get enthusiastic about it.

I liked the backstory and worldbuilding with the secret organization, the reasoning behind people's special powers, and the approach to time travel. I just didn't enjoy the actual story that was told. It is heavy on romance, the instantaneous-attraction type, and it makes the characters seem much younger than they actually are.

While Emerson is a fun character, I felt shades of Bella Swan in the way every guy seemed to fawn over her (or she thought they were, in one particular case), and she's a little bit too pretty/pouty/cutesy at times. I wanted to tell her how cool her ability is and how she needs to stop pretending she can't understand the science behind it and embrace it!

The storyline has lots of twists and turns, but it does take a backstory to the romance. I would have liked a little more recognition of how the events in the story potentially effect the world at large, because I think that could end up being a much cooler story than the one that's in this book.