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The Magicians - Lev Grossman I really don't want to review a book I didn't manage to finish but I feel like I invested so much into it I really ought to at least let it have a spot on my Goodreads shelves. Unfortunately I got to page 230 or so and just couldn't finish it. I really enjoyed the first part, Book 1. Lev Grossman took the concept of a magical boarding school, like Harry Potter, and really went very in-depth and logically into it and fleshed it into something very different than JK Rowling but still just as excellent. The concept was great, the spooky stuff was really spooky and the characters were good. Maybe a bit one-dimensional and unchanging. But good.

But where I'm at now, where I'm putting down the book - the characters have changed and not in a way that makes them readable. I can't stand... really can't stand... the type of stuff Quentin and his alcoholic buddies are getting into right now. Narcotics and alcohol and cheating on the girl he supposedly loves. It's stupid. And the magic is totally gone.