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Every Day - David Levithan Every Day is the story of A, who wakes up each morning inhabiting someone else's body. Unlike Quantum Leap, however, A isn't there to fix something or right a wrong. A doesn't know why it happens, it just does. A has lived out a life, or thousands of lives, one day at a time, just trying to get by, until one day, A falls in love.

I was fascinated by the premise of this idea, and the execution didn't fail to disappoint. The novel takes the reader into A's day-to-day life unflinchingly, and really makes us wonder how we would feel if we were in the same situation. As A begins to spiral down into the headiness of love and the excitement of doing something different - breaking the rules A has set down alone - the reader is pulled in alongside.

I enjoyed the way the story unfolded, from A's ordinary life beforehand to all of the changes A experiences in a short amount of time. I was also struck by the way this is truly a 21st century story. A would never have been able to do many things if the story was set in any other time. However, at times I felt A's easy access to technology was a bit convenient, used to speed the plot along.

All in all, this was a great story. I'd love to read more!